Boynton Beach Fishing Charter Report

2020 December – Spring | Sailfish Season Is Here! December – Spring is an exciting time to fish in South Florida. We have tons of Sailfish in our waters along with other Pelagic Fish. Our preferred method this time of year is Kite Fishing. Kite Fishing allows us to fish 360 degrees around the boat with lots of bait in the water. It’s not uncommon to be hooked up to 4 Sailfish at a time. We use the best baits ( Goggle Eyes, Blue Runners, and Large Pilchards) In addition to Sailfish… Mahi, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Cobia, Tuna will come into our kite spread. Its hands down the best method of fishing this time of year. Theres nothing like watching a Sailfish or Wahoo smash your baits at the surface! Message us to schedule your trip during the best fishing months.

August 2020 Fishing Report – Slight Hurricane scare to start August but we got lucky and didn’t skip a beat! A very solid first couple weeks. The Big Blackfin Tuna are sticking around later than usual. The King Mackerel bite has been very consistent. Soon Wahoo will be a more common catch as we head into later August and definitely September – November. If you are looking to bend the rod non stop there are endless Bonita schools that will bend your rod all trip. Take a look at a few catches so far.