Boynton Beach Fishing Charter Report

Its Finally Sailfish Season!! And Wahoo??

From now all the way through Spring we will have the most Sailfish off our coast. Each cold front from the north will push more Sailfish Into our Waters. Its a very exciting time to fish. These fish are moving down in schools and are feeding on bait just off our reef. Its not un common to be doubled or tripled up at time if you are in the right place. Live Baiting is the preferred method.

Lets not forget about one of the most sought after fish we have. The Wahoo! Fall and winter are peak Wahoo months. This fish are raging anywhere between 15lbs to will over 60lbs. Just a couple months back Captain Matt landed a 52lb. The method for targeting Wahoo is a bit different. While you can absolutely catch them on live bait, Trolling is the preferred and proven method. We like to troll planers ranging at different depths with strip baits, and split tail mullets.

If you are looking to maximize your trip we can always do a little bit of both if you schedule at least a 6 hour trip. Ideally we would troll for Wahoo for the first half of the trip before we switch over to live bait for the Sailfish. This will give you the best chance at landing some very quality fish during your trip.

Summer 2021 ( June – August)

Summer is one of the best times to fish In Southeast Florida, The ocean Is glass calm which makes the offshore experience more enjoyable. Target species include Blackfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel, Wahoo and also Sailfish. Our style of fishing doesn’t change. Live baiting is still the best method to target these species. Upon request, we will “Run and Gun” Offshore where we would strictly target Mahi. When scheduling a trip please let us know if this is something you are interested in doing. Morning and Afternoon trips available Click below to schedule your trip!

2021 January | Sailfish Season Is Here! January – Spring is an exciting time to fish in South Florida. We have tons of Sailfish in our waters along with other Pelagic Fish. Our preferred method this time of year is Kite Fishing. Kite Fishing allows us to fish 360 degrees around the boat with lots of bait in the water. It’s not uncommon to be hooked up to 2-3 Sailfish at a time. We use the best baits ( Goggle Eyes, Blue Runners, and Large Pilchards) In addition to Sailfish… Mahi, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Cobia, Tuna will come into our kite spread. Its hands down the best method of fishing this time of year. Theres nothing like watching a Sailfish or Wahoo smash your baits at the surface! If you are looking to strictly target Wahoo we recommend you request this while booking your trip. The winter months are prime for Wahoo. While we can catch them kite fishing, the preferred method is trolling for them. On a recent trip we had 6 Wahoo hits and got 3 to the boat all before 10:00am. It’s a proven method that eliminates some of the by catch.